The Traveller Inc. is an authorised Sales Agent of
MATCH Hospitality in Canada for the sale of the
FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™
Official Hospitality Programme
FRI JUN 1 - SUN JUL 7, 2019
FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™
Official Hospitality Programme

Hosted across nine historic cities, this tournament promises to delight and entertain.

Football & Flair

France welcomes the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019™ for another spectacular milestone on its football calendar.

Experience the best in French culture and cities, alongside the fiercest women’s football competition – this summer from the 7 June to 7 July 2019. Hosted across nine historic cities, this tournament promises to delight and entertain as 24 talented teams play out their passion and ambitions on the pitch. Revel in both the football action and a premium MATCH Hospitality experience – built for comfort, convenience, and style.

Product Comparison
From exclusive private suites to a social fan experience, we have a product designed to meet your budget and needs.
Preferential & Private
MATCH Private Suite offers the most prestigious of hospitality experiences, with direct access to stadium seats located in front of the suites. Seat views are dependent on suite location.
Exclusive use of a private suite. Price varies according to the number of seats
A superb selection of freshly prepared food and premium beverages. Service is available before, during and after the match *
Stylish décor
Exclusive commemorative gift
Dedicated welcome area with hostesses
Preferential parking
From 195 EUR (ex. VAT) pp
Preferential & Social
Offering a shared suite experience for individuals or small groups, the MATCH Shared Suite brings together colleagues, friends and families in a casual but cosmopolitan environment.
Direct access to your stadium seats, which are located in front of the suite. Seat views depend on suite location
A superb selection of freshly prepared food and premium beverages. Service is available before, during and after the match *
Stylish décor
Exclusive commemorative gift
Dedicated welcome area with hostesses
Preferential parking
From 195 EUR (ex. VAT) pp
Fit for True Fans
MATCH Club provides a shared hospitality experience, bringing fans together in a convivial stadium lounge at the heart of the tournament action.
Your Category 1 Match Ticket
Hospitality service with a deli-style snack menu, and drinks before and after the match *
Standing tables, TV screens and a pub-style bar counter
Commemorative gift
Welcome area with hostesses
From 95 EUR (ex. VAT) pp
Match Schedule

A total of 52 matches will be played to determine the winner of the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™. Find out when and where all the matches will take place.

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